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Thursday, October 29, 2009

After 17 years and still waiting..

Entertainment: Grunge, anyone?

Seattle’s Pearl Jam may head this way next month.

MULTI award-winning American rock band, Pearl Jam, is said to be headed this way for a concert here next month.

Sources told the New Straits Times that a local promoter will be bringing in the legendary Seattle grunge band for its maiden concert in the country.

Pearl Jam is currently busy promoting its ninth studio album, Backspacer, and is touring North America.

The idea of stopping over in Malaysia sounds plausible as the band is scheduled to play in the region soon.

The band has already been booked for performances in Australia and New Zealand next month.

Vedder (top) and his band members might be heading to our shores next month.

Pearl Jam, formed in 1990, consists of Eddie Vedder who is well-known for his deep and prominent vocals, Jeff Ament (bass), Stone Gossard (guitars), Mike Mc Cready (guitars) and former Soundgarden drummer, Matt Cameron.

One of the most notable grunge bands in the 1990s, Pearl Jam broke into the American grunge scene with its debut album Ten which spawned various hits including one of the band’s most poignant songs to date, Jeremy.

Written by Vedder and Ament, the song was inspired by a true story of a boy of the same name who took his life in front of his school friends.

The band is highly regarded as one of the most influential bands of the ‘90s. The members are known for their dedication to environmental causes and health issues.


Monday, October 12, 2009


if korang yg layan music alternative era 90's sure pernah dengar lagu ni kan..

creep - radiohead

lyrics dia bagi aku agak catchy..some situation mmg wat terasa arr..huhu

You float like a feather,
in a beautiful world
I wish I was special,
you're so f**ki*g special.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

fikir2 kan la..takpun lu pk la sdiri kata nabil!



(gambar sekadar hiasan)

whats up ppls?..its been quite few months im leaving my blog silent..intentionally actually ..ahaks..

ok la..today im not working..my mood hilang suddenly when ondway to my parking lot i saw my housemate car 'kena pecah'..dah la lewat gi kerja..at first sight i thought maybe dia accident malam tadi..but when get closer i found out radio, meter n others accessories pun ilang..dah sah kena rembat..feel so unsecure plak even we park our car kat basement padahal ada pak guard jaga..isk rsa marah pun ada ni..dapat tangkap sapa yg buat mmg jadi OKU aku buat..

Apa2 pun biar police wat keja dulu walaupun aku tgok pegawai penyiasat tadi mcm malas je nak proceed ngan kes ni..aku pulak jadi stress tgk mcm tu..saba2..

masa tgh kusut hal mcm ni..tiba2 aku rsa gian lak nak pekena 3 layer tea ni..bole katakan sekarang tiap2 ari aku pekena ayaq ni..dah la kat mamak area aku price dia murah je rm2..compare to others rm2.50 cekik darah wo..

balik wat rawatan gigi ptg tdi..cargas gi mamak pekena 3 layer tea ni..release tension..ngan angin sepoi2 bahasa ptg ni..rsa heaven ja..nak balik ni..tapau laie satu bungkus..tamak btul..haha

*sambil taip blog pekena ayaq ni pun syok woo...huhu


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traits of a real man

Trait #1: A real man is strong

A real man doesn't cry, doesn't moan, doesn't complain, doesn't get sick, and doesn't need to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. A real man makes decisions and lives with the consequences. A real man accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. A real man is firm. If life is a b*tch, a real man will slap it and move on.A real man is macho; a real man is tough; a real man doesn't show emotions. A real man is the backbone of his family and doesn't have time to be weak. If spiders scare you, you'll never be a real man.

Trait #2: A real man is focused

A real man knows the difference between what's important and what isn't. A real man doesn't waste time on stupidities that don't bring him any profit. Sure, there are things you can do as a hobby -- I like to shoot ducks -- but it must have a purpose. The purpose of my hobby is to improve my aim, and I don't have to tell you whether or not that's a useful thing in my line of work.A real man focuses on power, money and family. He doesn't focus on sex. Sex comes as a result of having power, money and a wife (and if she doesn't satisfy you, there are plenty of other women who will, especially when you are powerful and rich).

Trait #3: A real man knows the importance of family

A real man will keep his family strong and pass on his ancestors' history and traditions. A real man knows that his children are God's gift and should be treated as such, even if he disciplines them from time to time.A real man must also remember his other Family, his organization. In my world, both my family and my Family hold the same importance; I protect them both with all my might. If you have a Family, don't forget where your loyalties lie and who has your back when you need it.

Trait #4: A real man doesn't gossip

A real man keeps his mouth shut. He shelters information and rations his words. A real man does not reveal more than he has to and doesn't engage in girlie talk about others. A real man doesn't discuss things he doesn't know about or people he has never met.

Trait #5: A real man's word is his bond

When a real man makes a promise, he keeps it. If he can't keep a promise, he doesn't give his word. A real man would rather die than break his word. A real man knows that his words are as powerful as his actions, and that they must be taken at face value. That is why he rations them (see above).

Trait #6: A real man strives to be a role model

A real man respects himself and others at all times, unless, of course, he has been disrespected. A real man sets an example for his disciples, and especially for his children. I never bring my work home, so my children only know me as their father and not as a waste management executive. You should do the same; a real man sets the tone for his children and keeps them from discovering that he has weaknesses.

Trait #7: A real man makes his own fortune

A real man doesn't settle for handouts or charity when it comes to his personal fortune. A real man isn't satisfied with papa's money. He spits on Lady Luck and decides his own destiny. A real man who inherits goods from his forefathers takes his inheritance and turns it into 10 times what it was.

Trait #8: A real man doesn't look like a woman

A real man doesn't have piercings and long hair, and he doesn't shave his chest. Manicures, however, are acceptable. Massages from female attendants are also tolerated. A real man knows that, outside of his barber, all his personal hygiene needs must be taken care of by a woman.A real man has at least three suits (with a mandatory pinstriped one) that cost more than a roomful of escorts. A real man wears a suit at least three times a week. Any man who doesn't know how to tie a tie should hand in his testicoli immediately.

Trait #9: A real man keeps his house in order

Have you ever been inside the boss’ house? There ain’t no pizza boxes sitting around, there ain’t no undershirts on the floor, and there sure as hell ain’t no unpaid bills being used as beer coasters. No ruler can rule over a territory if he isn’t already the master of his own home.This means you lazy pinheads out there need to stop using machismo as an excuse to live like a bottom-feeder; keep your sty spotless, keep your documents in order and -- listen up on this one -- clean your freaking suits

Trait #10: A real man can defend himself

You know what’s missing in the world today? Leaders who have had to fight their way to the top. No joking, look at the head of any business that’s circling the toilet bowl, and I’ll show you a boss whose parents' power and money kept him from ever learning things the hard way.Every successful capo has been on the wrong end of a beatdown -- be it with words or be it with a set of A. Testonis. But those future capos got up again and again, until they knew how to stand their ground… and that, my students, is when you can start to climb the ladder.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let Me Take You There

I know a place that we can go to
A place where no one knows you
They won't know who we are
I know a place that we can run to
And do those things we want to
They won't know who we are

Let me take you there
I wanna take you there

I know a place that we forgot
A place where we won't get caught in
They won't know who we are (they won't know, won't know)
I know a place where we can hide out
And turn our hearts inside out
They won't know who we are

Let me take you there
I wanna take you there
Let me take you there
Take you there
Take you there...

I know a place we'll be together
And stay this young forever
They won't know who we are

Let me take you there
I wanna take you there
Let me take you there
Take you there
Take you there..

We can get away to a better place if you let me take you there
We can go there now cause every second counts
Girl just let me take you there
Take you there..

where to?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i like :-

musics - rock music especially 90's seattle grunge scene..during my teenage day i went for jamming playing guitar but think that i lost that skilled already..

sports -i played sepak takraw and volleyball during my secondary school. uni time i played rugby until now..

movie - i love watching movie..i remember when i was 9..that i'm watching sam's son..very touching woo

travel - i love to travel..but this time i'm too bz...hehe

meet new friend - i joined motorsport club called kompass.org and there i met few good friends..

new hobby- ?? very interesting one..huhu

Monday, April 20, 2009


great weekend bring you a great smile.

-zaid 2009-

*1 month & 2 weeks until our engagement*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i am mine

The selfish theyre all standing in line...
Faith in their hope and to buy themselves time.
Me, I figure as each breath goes by,
I only own my mind.

The north is to south what the clock is to time.
Theres east and theres west and there everywhere life.
I know that I was born and I know that Ill die.
The in between is mine.
I am mine.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with time...
Were different behind the eyes,
theres no need to hide.Were safe tonight.

The ocean is full cause everyones crying,
The full moon is looking for friends at high tide.
The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrows denied.
I only know my mind.
I am mine.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with time.
Were different between the lines, theres no need to hide...
Cause were safe tonight.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with time.
Were different behind the eyes,
theres no need to hide.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with lies.
Were different behind the eyes.
Were safe tonight.

am i just your another .....?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

lagu lifehouse


I was young but I wasn't naive
I watched helpless as you turned around to leave
And still I have the pain I have to carry
A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried

After all this timeI never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it

That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
I would fall asleep Only in hopes of dreaming
That everything would be like it was before
But nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting
They disappear as reality is crashing to the floor

After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it

That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
After all this why
Would you ever wanna leave it
Maybe you could not believe it
That my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it

That I loved you more than you will ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go

p/s tgh wat kerja kat opis tdi sambil dengar mp3..so trasa plak nk ltak kat sini..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

'malass' entry...

salam all..

aku ketandusan idea utk update blog aku hari2..aku lebih tertarik utk baca blog kawan2 n org lain dari menaip kt blog aku sdiri..dengan kata lain mmg aku MALAS giler ah..so entry kali ni pun aku wat alar kadar je..apa yg aku mkn utk dinner tdi..so tgok n faham2 sdiri la..la..la

lpas pekena char kuey teow 'power'..lyn bbq aka besday party anak member kompassclub.org kt sec. 17..mkn lagi..cencaru bakar tu mmg sedap

Sunday, April 5, 2009

main hujan ke main ragbi nih..

so pagi ni..aku kembali ke opis semula sambung wat keja yg menimbun2 nih..sunday morning when some of us still tido lagi..yang rajin plak bring family kat tasik wat aktiviti jog ke tai chi ke..aku dengan santainye..swipe id card..masuk opis menunggu bila la nak petang nih..rupanya aku concentrate wat keja sampai lunch pun bole miss..sib baik kul 3.30 pm ada match rugby..so aku tak perlu nak makan..nnti on the field aku takut terasa berat sekali langkah aku nak berlari nanti..

suddenly pukul 1400..hujan lebat da turun kat shah alam nih..wat aku terpk2..jadi ke game ptg nih..owh..almost 1500 hrs..hujan stop..so ada harapan aku turun padang..bole beraksi ptg nih..

game supposed to start pkul 1530..tpi by that time ada inter-uni baseball tournament plak kat padang perindu tuh..so masa aku smpi tu..tiba2 ada ambulan datang..mcm ada emergency ja..rupanya one of the baseball player..tak sure dari 'u' mana patah kaki beb..isk ingtkan main ragbi ja bole dpt injured camtu..main baseball pun ganazz gk..isk..isk..so our match start after asar..during first half..hujan lebat turun sekali lagi..tpi kitaorang still main..but on 2nd half referee mr. daun stop the game..take short break actually..bcos da ada bunyik guruh..kang ada plak yang kena petir nnti..after around 10 minutes..game sambung balik..so biasala when padang becak n waktu hujan movement pun agak slow..so susah nk dpt try..however we won the match by 12-7..hopefully we can proceed for semi final next 2 weeks la..
aku bersama mr. toge berposing masa 10 minutes break tu..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

routine ku...

5.30 ***
6.30 - actual wake up..streching skit2..senaman harimau kadang kala (ada makna tu ..hahaha)
6.40 - masuk kamar mandi..tgok cermin dulu..shave mana yg patut b4 bersiram
6.50 - bersiap2 n solat subuh..
7.00 - gi kedai runcit 'uncle' beli tropicana twister..bekal ondway gi kerja
7.05 - 'start ur engine'..paling lewat 7.15 aku mesti da kuar dari bbk
7.40 - sampai tmpt kerja..cari parking best dlu (skg ada satu parking tu mmg aku da cop awal2)
7.45 - lepak kat kantin cari makanan..aku biasa amik heavy bfast..
8.00 -da ada dalam opis..check email co. n yahoo aku..sambil2 tu baca blog org kalau sempat..
0815 -briefing 'anak buah..pastu sambung wat kerja
12.++- lunch break - biasa aku amik masa utk tido.huhu
1300 - sambung wat kerja
15++ - tea time -lepak kat kantin lama2 sampai bosan atau boss call..
16.00 - sambung wat kerja..
1700 - balik time..if not..aku akan stayback..usually until 20.00 hrs..more than that..mmg luar biasa
20++ - da kat rumah..aku jarang tgok tv..most of the time kat bilik on9..tkpun layan movie
23++ - sembang2 kt phone..pstu browse apa yg patut..n then tido
esok nya macam tu la routine aku ..pusing2 mcm tu gak..bosan kn klau wat benda yg sama jer ari2..tpi nk wat camner..makan gaji..nak ke tak nk kna gak follow..skg weekend pun aku kena kerja..terpaksa beb..tanggungjawab tu kata boss aku la..hampeh..dia bole plak tak kerja..sabo jer la..

petang yang indah (sedapkan ati)

skg da pukul 16.51 kat desktop ofis aku ni (mentang2 tak pakai jam kn)..jap gi rasa nak berambus ja dari sini..penat wei minggu ni stayback sampai malam..so sapa2 yg rajin..jom follow aku gi joging jap gi..meh la...cuci mata sekali..huhuhu

Friday, March 27, 2009

geli hati di malam sabtu...

TGIF..even kejap je da weekend..aku rsa bosan psl esok aku kena kerja gak..huhu..saiko btul bila org lain bole burgermbiraa dihujung minggu aku tgh pk kn apa nak wat kat opis esok..byk kerja pending lagi ni..apa2 pun sedang aku melayan kebosanan..sambil surf the net aku terjumpa video nih kat page x-lions..so geli hati aku tgok vc nih..so if korang ada feel bosan gak mcm aku..bole la lyn kepala jap..tgok vc yg lawak nih inspired dri vclip 'thriller'..title geli mat-michael jackson versi india..siap ada subtitle lagi..hahaha

sambil gi usya kat youtube nih..terperasan plak vclip nih..sempoi gak..lawak ngan body language ja..follow lagu 'torn'..ada natalie imbruglia plak tuh..serius dulu aku suka awek nih..huhu..in my dream ja..

satu lagi scene dri feveret movie aku..korang sure pernah tgok kn..filem 'buli'..saja recall balik scene tu..hahaha

p/s teringat masa aku gi cs jb nk tgok 'buli balik'..lepak kat tangga belakang b4 movie start sambil isap rokok tiba2 afdlin shauki datang sapa kitaorang..rupanya2 ada promosi filem mlm tu..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

apa yang aku nak utk blog ni...

catatan kali ni aku tidak mahu rojak2..maksud aku kejap bahasa melayu lepas tu english..lepas tu melayu balik..oleh itu aku pilih guna bahasa melayu. ..agak skema kan..hehehe.
mula2 semenjak aku masuk blog (english ke melayu ni)..aku agak kurang jelas dengan apa yang aku perlu tulis dekat sini..sudah agak banyak blog orang lain yang aku baca..macam2 intipati ada..hal kehidupan harian,politik,perniagaan,sukan dsb.
aku dapat lihat sesetengah blog tu ada identiti tersendiri..mudah utk aku dapatkan maklumat..dengan layari blog itu..aku dah tahu apa isi dan pandangan 'tuan rumah' tersebut.
aku agak tertarik kepada blog yang berunsur ilmiah dan fikiran2 baru..walaupun sebenarnya aku dah lama tak belek buku2 dan majalah2..aku rasa masa yang sedikit ni aku bole luangkan untuk baca artikel2 ilmu ni..mana tahu satu masa nanti aku boleh ulas balik catatan ilmuwan ni kat blog aku sendiri..
buat masa ini aku lebihkan catatan kepada kehidupan harian aku yang agak membosankan..kepada kerja aku hari2..aktiviti hari minggu..sampaikan aku tak tahu nak tulis apa kat sini..kalau kepada perkara kerja pun semata2 atas emosi aku yang agak tertekan dan malas..utk tulis tentang kerja aku, rasa tidak perlu..rahsia syarikat yang mesti aku jaga..
insyaallah utk catatan akan datang aku akan utarakan isi2 catatan yang agak bernas dan bole jadi bahan ulasan atau komen dari pembaca blog yang sudi singgah kat sini..sesekali bertukar pendapat boleh meningkatkan kematangan diri kita..ada masa kita perlu juga berfikiran serius tentang isu-isu semasa ni..orang kata buka minda jangan macam katak bawah tempurung..tapi untuk mengulas untuk isu2 politik, aku agak kurang berminat untuk mencampur aduk kan halaman aku dengan kisah politik yang merapu ni..ingat dunia hanya sementara..kuasa dan wang takkan kemana2 pun..
p/s aku sentiasa menjadi pembangkang..kepada mana2 pihak yang aku rasakan tidak betul..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

tantra totem


Anda mungkin tidak mempercayainya, tapi merupakan nasihat yang baik untuk dibaca!
Anda mungkin mempelajari sesuatu jika membacanya!! !

Bersedekahlah kepada orang lain lebih daripada yang mereka perlukan dan lakukanlah dengan penuh kerelaan.

Kahwinilah lelaki / wanita yang gemar anda berbicara dengannya, kerana kemahiran berbicara antara satu dengan lain akan menjadi lebih penting pabila usia semakin tua.

Usahlah mempercayai segala perkara yang anda dengari. Berbelanjalah sekadar apa yang ada atau tidurlah seberapa lama yang anda perlu

Apabila kamu berkata, ' Aku Cinta Padamu', maka tunaikanlah.

Pabila mengatakan, 'Maaf', tenunglah matanya.

Bertunanglah sekurang-kurangnya enam bulan sebelum kamu diijabkabulkan.

Percayailah cinta pandang pertama.

Usah tertawakan impian orang lain.. Manusia tanpa impian tidak memiliki apa-apa.

Cintailah seseorang dengan sepenuh hati dan penuh kasih sayang. Sungguhpun anda akan berasa seolah-olah diri anda tersiksa, tapi percayalah itulah satu-satunya untuk melengkapkan kehidupan ini.

Jika berlaku perselisihan pendapat, bertengkarlah secara aman. Usahlah menyebut nama sesiapa ketika bertengkar.

Usahlah menilai seseorang berdasarkan peribadi keluarga mereka.

Berbicaralah dengan tenang dan berfikirlah dengan pantas.

Apabila seseorang bertanyakan satu soalan yang tidak anda gemari, lontarkanlah senyuman dan bertanyalah padanya,'Kenapa anda ingin tahu?'

Ingatlah bahawa setiap cinta dan pencapaian yang besar akan melibatkan pengorbanan dan risiko yang besar.

Ucaplah 'Semoga anda diberkati' apabila mendengar seseorang bersin.

Apabila anda kerugian, janganlah jadi kurang ajar.

Berpeganglah kepada tiga R:
1. Rasa hormat pada diri sendiri;
2. Rasa hormat kepada orang lain;
3. Rasa tanggungjawab terhadap semua tindakan anda

Usahlah benarkan pertikaian yang sebesar hama merosakkan sebuah persahabatan yang besar.

Apabila menyedari bahawa anda telah melakukan kesalahan, usahlah berlengah untuk perbetulkan kesalahan itu.

Tersenyumlah ketika menjawab telefon.. Pemanggil akan melihatnya daripada suara yang mereka dengar.

Ada ketikanya anda perlu bersendirian.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

after almost 3 month...

supposed aku nk update semalam..tpi sampai kt rumah pun da kul 12 lebih..so mmg tired pun..
smlm (rabu) aku amik cuti..nk spend masa wit gf aku..sehari suntuk kitaorg kuar sma..n seawal pagi aku da ke bbst..ngan ujan lebatnya..plus traffic jam kat fed. hiway lagi..
lepak kat 2 area ja..da dekat 10 jam..1st kat area jln TAR n masjid india..2nd plak kat midvalley..mula2 ingat nak gi OU..memikirkn masa yg tak cukup..kitaorang cancel ja..mcm2 benda nak cari n wat..tu la kn utk wat persiapan tunang n nikah ni..mmg tak cukup masa kalau sehari ja..semua wat ngan rush..smpi aku terwat silap tinggalkan brg yg dibeli kat GJ (sorry awak..saya silap n saya mmg tk perasan masa tu...) nasib baik ptg tadi aku gi balik kat GJ n cashier dia ada simpan brg tu..dah la smlm amik masa ber jam nak cari n beli brg tu..huhu
apa2 pun aku happy dapat jumpa balik..hari ni life aku cam biasa kerja malas2 gitu..so aku concentrate on programming je..mls nak involved kat management..yg penting this week aku mmg balik kul 5..no stayback..nx week aku akan rajin balik..apa2 pun aku harap company aku maintain strong walaupun ekonomi global ni tk menentu...n aku dpt wat saving lgi b4 aku jadi suami org bulan 11 nnti..amin.
*tinggal bbrp bulan je lagi

Sunday, March 15, 2009

happy weekend

kisah aku di hari sabtu & ahad..

sabtu a.k.a saturday..
hari ni aku rilek sekali..sepanjang pagi gi jalan2 utk isi masa bosan aku..gi giants sek. 13 la..lpak kat sek.7 la..

ptg plak aku ada annual dinner kt KGSAAS..so tema mlm tu 'muhibbah traditional nite' so dress code supposed to be baju traditional..tpi aku belasah je pkai kemeja..hehe..alasan baju melayu tertinggal kt melaka..ramai gk yg tk follow rule..food plak bagi aku biasa2 ja..makanan melayu..tpi dah lapar kn..so kitaorang belasah je..sambil dinner tu sempat gak arr aku lepak kat luar tgok EPL man u vs Liverpool..by 9.45 aku calo awal walaupun no. lucky draw aku tak naik lagi..
hidangan malam tu..

lepas tu aku cargas ke bbst..ada agenda penting..dah 2 minggu aku n k. ct plan nak wat benda ni..hehe..surprise birthday party utk seseorang yg akan pulang dari jauh..nmpknya aku berjaya convince beliau yg aku amat bz mlm tu..finally she arrived and we jerit 'surprise'..she seems a lil bit shock..berjaya gak akhirnya plan kitaorang malam tu..and terubat rindu aku dapat jumpa dia walaupun sekejap ja malam tu..
taken a few moments b4 she arrived that nite..
sunday a.k.a ahad
around 1 a.m aku gerak balik melaka plak..penat gak rasa..tapi aku mmg nak jumpa family aku weekend ni..so aku wat surprise lagi..aku tak tido kat rumah baru mlm tu..so aku tido kat rumah laie satu..awal pagi tu aku gi jumpa parent aku kat rumah baru..derang pun tak sangka aku balik melaka..
so tghari tu lpas lunch aku bawak mak n adik2 aku gi shoppin kat mahkota parade n astana moda..ptg tu gak aku balik klang..ngan jammed kat hiway seremban..ujan plak tu..aku pasrah je hrp takde apa2..alhamdulillah aku selamat smpi kat rumah..
so itu je cerita aku weekend nih..walaupun penat aku tetap happy..la.la.la..
p/s cant wait to see her this coming wednesday..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

amaran kerajaan malaysia..hehe

semalam aku dapat satu email dari 'k. ct' mmg khas sent utk aku je kot..hehe..mcm tau2 ja..bila tgok kandungan email tu..rsa bersalah gak jika perkara camtu btul2 berlaku kat sini ..mntg2 la aku ni penguna yg 'tegar'..bole kurang tpi tak bole berhenti..ada gak niat nk berhenti..tpi blum sampai lagi hajat tu..mmg susah kot kalau da lama pakai..aku tau bahaya isap benda tu..dah byk iklan kat tv aku tgok..skg ni kat newspaper..gamba2 'sadis' n agak ngeri utk menyedarkan org mcm aku nih..
hari ni aku rsa sakit dada..aku bangun tido je da trasa..so aku gi gak kerja..lama2 makin sakit plak..dah la air cond sjuk..mcm menikam2 kat ulu hati ni...jgn la disebabkan benda alah ni..ptg tadi aku gi jog..ngan harapan bole kurang skit..tpi condition mcm tu gk..esok ada harapan memohon mc nih..huhu
apa2 pun insyaallah aku akan berenti gak..ngan azam yg kuat plus sokongan insan tersayang..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


skg jam kat dinding da pukul 17.15 pm...aku stranded kat dalam bangunan kilang nih.hujan lebat giler...tak bole balik awal lagi..sia2 ja usaha aku melarikan diri dari meeting tadi..arghhh..tension!!!!

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